Owner & Operator

Certified Reiki Master, Teacher & Practioner

Certified Access Consciousness® Practitioner


Organizing & Decluttering

Energy Clearing

Misty began practicing Reiki in 2015 & Access Consciousness® in 2018. Cleaning & organizing is something she has enjoyed her entire life, but she became especially interested in this and began to study them after becoming a mother in 2010.

Energetically speaking, she began to see the connection between a dirty & messy space and a chaotic mind & body. In 2018, she combined her love for cleaning & organizing with her existing healing practice and established Klenz.

Klenz is a conscientious & mother earth mindful company dedicated to cleansing for physical spaces and the mind, body, & spirit. Our goal is to remove clutter, dirt, and stuck energy from the outside & clear the limiting or stuck energy inside of our bodies & minds; therefore settling the chaos and creating space for all the things we truly desire.